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Four Dimensions of Information

Visualize how components move through time and how they are affected

A fascinating four-dimensional object, a tesseract is used to represent three dimensions and time. Time is often considered as the fourth dimension in physics and other fields. We use the tesseract as a metaphor of how we visualize application components over time and how they are affected by each other and their dependencies within the system over time.

Virtual Reality

Enter the World of Your Application ™

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that enables users to experience a simulated three-dimensional environment in which they can interact with digital objects and other users. VR has the ability to enable immersion, or the feeling of being fully present in a virtual environment. Because of the ability to create unbounded virtual spaces we can represent any software application regardless of its size or complexity.


Logical operators in the ecosystem.

Subtle and non-intrusive methods to provide information and feedback to users as they are immersed in the application environment. This can include visual cues, sounds, or other sensory inputs that are designed to be integrated seamlessly into the background of the user's surroundings. Benefits include increased awareness, improved decision-making, reduced cognitive load, enhanced productivity.

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