Application Performance Monitoring and Management

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Software observability

Observable software is manageable software.

Observability is the ability to gain insight and understanding into the behavior and performance of a software system or application. Our tools enable our users to perform application performance monitoring and management by proving a single pane of glass to help visualize and analyze the collected data. This allows our users to quickly identify patterns, trends, and anomalies that may indicate issues with the application's performance.

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Root Cause Analysis

Intuitive navigation through actions and actors in the application, ecosystem or problem space.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a systematic process used to identify the underlying cause or causes of a problem or issue. Our tools focus on enabling RCA so that our users can identify the symptoms of a problem by collecting data, analyzing the data, and identifying the root cause or causes of the problem. This way we can identify and address the underlying causes of a problem, rather than just addressing the symptoms.

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Support Enablement

Logical operators in the ecosystem.

Immersive Fusion products empower support teams with the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to provide high-quality software application diagnosis and troubleshooting. We help teams improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the diagnostic process, which in turn leads to better satisfaction for our customers and your own.

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It's more than monitoring. It's being inside your application.

Immersive Fusion services enable you to Enter the World of your Application ™ because we organically use all four dimensions to create an experience that you are used to in the real world: Be able to interact with and see any aspect of your application at any granularity with limited effort and immediate results.

Application Performance Monitoring Evolution

Explainer: Basic APM Walk-through

Watch the ASP.NET Core Minimal API explainer video

Video: ASP.NET Core Minimal API explainer video

Highlight: Distributed Traces

Watch the Distributed Traces video

Video: Distributed traces video

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