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What is APM and how can it benefit your product?

What is APM and how can it benefit your product?

Dan Kowalski - 2022-10-20

Software development is a time-intensive and arduous journey riddled with bugs, performance issues, and errors. But software applications are integral to the world we live in, making them a vital part of practically every industry and business.

This has made software development both lucrative and highly competitive. If your product doesn’t perform up to a client’s standards, then there are numerous other companies ready to pounce.

That’s why application performance monitoring (APM) is a vital part of development and production. Not only does it provide insight into how your application is performing, but it can also ensure issues are recognized ahead of time. This can save countless hours on the backend trying to dig through code and resolve potential causes.

So how does APM work, and what kind of solutions are out there?

What is APM?

So with all this talk of APM, you might be wondering what it is. APM refers to a set of tools used to monitor the performance, availability, and capacity of your company's applications to optimize all aspects of its product.

With application performance monitoring tools in place, operations staff, developers, software architects, solution architects, and project managers can keep track of the status of their applications.

The goal of APM is to help businesses understand how their applications are performing, what the problem areas are that are slowing down operations, and then help to find ways to optimize those processes.

Now that you know what APM is, let’s continue with the benefits that this solution holds for your product.

What are the Benefits of APM?

Application performance monitoring has the power to completely transform your business and products and is an invaluable tool. Once you have your APM solution up and running, you will be able to:

  • Identify Performance Issues Before Your Users Do: With real user data on response times for web or mobile apps, you can identify performance issues before your users do.

  • Identify New Business Opportunities: Get insight into the performance of your applications across platforms and devices. You will then be able to deliver the best user experience and keep up to date with your customer’s needs.

  • Identify and Avoid Application Failure: APM brings visibility to your infrastructure, helping you identify and work around potential failures before they happen.

  • Empower Developers: The powerful capabilities of APM simplify performance management by putting critical data directly into the hands of those who can act on it.

  • Production Performance Visibility: By gaining visibility into how applications are performing in the production and developmental stages, you will be able to understand user experiences better and make strategic decisions about how best to optimize your apps while they are still being developed.

  • Monitoring: APM allows you to monitor your system's network performance between servers and other pieces of hardware, along with forecasting future network needs and testing your application's ability to scale.

The best way to get the most value possible for your money is by integrating application insights for APM with your existing infrastructure. Then you can track key metrics based on browser, location, and other qualifiers. This allows you to understand where and how code changes impact performance and maximize the return on your APM investment as you go.

How APM Can Help you with your Product

As you can see, APM is a vital intel tool for your business and product’s success. So how can immersive fusion APM help with your businesses’ product? Let’s take a closer look:

Open Telemetry

OpenTelemetry is described as “a collection of tools, application programming interfaces (APIs), and software development kits (SDKs)”. It serves various functions, such as instrumenting, generating, collecting, and exporting telemetry data (hence the name). Telemetry data include metrics, logs, and traces, which all help you analyze your software’s performance and behavior.

Real-Time APM

There are many ways to boost the performance of an app, but one important factor is how quickly the developer can iterate on their app. If developers can see their or their users’ interactions as they are happening, the feedback loop is immediate. This can help avoid digging through pages of error logs in order to try and locate the issues.

This can’t be emphasized enough. By getting real-time feedback, one is able to improve the app and fix bugs right away. This can help tremendously when trying to identify issues and the causes of errors or poor performance.

Information can lose its value over time, and when this happens it causes more challenges. For example, a table report may lose the time values or density of information because the report is flat and ordered by some arbitrary element. Seeing what’s happening, at the volume it’s happening, all instantaneously. That’s the power of real-time APM.

An additional benefit of real-time APM is that it allows for growth, scaling, and development progress at a much faster pace. Because using this feature saves so much time, it’s easy to redirect that saved time and use it to focus on improvements being made, newer versions of the application, as well as additional features.

Real-time APM can improve development processes by providing developers with better insight at any moment, therefore saving time and costs. It also makes the app that much more effective and productive - two key characteristics determining user satisfaction.


Most APM solutions provide countless logs of boring information that has to be combed through. But with solutions like Immersive Fusion, 3D animation can be used to bring the information to life. This feature allows users to interact directly with the information as it comes in. And like the name suggests, in a much more immersive and attractive setting.

Visual immersion can be a huge benefit especially with real-time APM, making it easier to solve these errors. When the application is represented in a 3D manner, it simplifies the entire improvement process and bottlenecks are quickly identified. This allows for an overall better user experience.

To make 3D APMs easy to navigate, granularity is very important. Specifically, it’s vital to get the right level of detail without confusing noise. Combine that with the representation using easily-recognizable shapes, it makes for an invaluable tool to improve any application.

Additionally, you’ll be able to see real-time features, as well as how busy the system was at any given time, the error rate, and which servers were in play at that moment.

Virtual Reality APM

Similar to the conventional 3D experience with a keyboard and monitor, virtual reality is another aspect where developers can immerse themselves in the application. Just like on a desktop, users can move around the 3D world but with a VR headset, one can enjoy a different, more natural interaction within Immersive Fusion’s APM universe.

Outside of the 3D experience, VR adds a whole new dimension to APM. Implementing virtual reality allows developers to collaborate in real-time, which automatically improves workforce efficiency and productivity. Two developers can log in simultaneously and physically point out problems to one another. Lack of miscommunication is ensured, and changes can be implemented quickly and more efficiently.

By utilizing VR, operating users can determine the health of an asset and see exactly where the problems lie. These problems can be easily fixed through visualization with virtual reality as a tool. This all, once again, saves a huge amount of time and cost. As everything is all in one place and can be customized to one’s one preference.

The Immersive Fusion APM experience

Immersive Fusion is the newest, most innovative way to use collaborative technologies for application performance monitoring (APM). It combines 3D, virtual reality experience with real-time analytics to create an immersive experience for monitoring and optimizing your apps. For those users not quite ready to embrace the 3D aspect, we also provide a web browser flavor to make sure that everyone benefits.

The best part of Immersive Fusion is that it can be used on any device - including a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. This process can be applied across many different industries and at any stage of the app development process.

However, many solutions up until this point have mostly been browser-based and expensive to onboard. Immersive Fusion brings a wide variety of tools and services to your disposal in a fun, immersive, and inexpensive way.

Let us help you discover the possibilities a robust APM tool can provide, and take your business and product to the next level. We can assure you - your software developers and clients will thank you for it.

Dan Kowalski

Father, technology aficionado, gamer, grid master

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