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Advantages of APM and why it is important

Advantages of APM and why it is important

Dan Kowalski - 2023-01-05

Software development is no easy task. With countless moving pieces, a plethora of user demands, and bugs that pop up seemingly anywhere, the process is far from straightforward. But the good news is that things don’t always have to be that way. New tools and services are constantly being released that can help streamline the process, allowing developers to release high-quality products in record time.

Application Monitoring Solutions (APMs) were created to help developers troubleshoot and monitor their applications. Deploying an error-free and highly performant application can make the difference between an influx in users or complaints. APM can help ensure that your application is ready for production use.

What is APM?

APM solutions help ensure applications run smoothly by providing developers with a real-time view of application errors and performance. APM tools do more than just alert you to programming errors and bottlenecks. APM captures and communicates application details like slow load times, chatty messaging and database response.

In simple terms, APM tools ensure a pleasant user experience. It provides an in-depth analysis of what’s going on behind the scenes and allows developers to target potential issues, errors, and bugs.

Benefits & Advantages of APM

There are many reasons why developers should consider APM integration. APM tools provide visibility into your application architecture and operating characteristics, expedite error identification and resolution, and enhance application performance monitoring and tuning. APM tooling enhances user feedback, contributing to user satisfaction, customer retention and ultimately, revenue.

Enhance Real-time Feedback

When your application is running slow for some unknown reason, or generating errors, your team will immediately receive an alert. Alerts provide a direct view into the code causing the issue, simplifying error discovery.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

When your application is not properly working, customers get frustrated. With APM, you have direct line-of-sight into your application integrity and performance, augmenting the feedback received from users. While error resolution is not typically considered a feature of most software applications, APM can help build trust and satisfy users, proving thoughtful design and tooling in the most challenging situations.

Maximize Developer Productivity and New Feature Development

When development is constantly putting out fires or tuning performance, there is little time left to brainstorm how to improve your application. Integrated into your software development lifecycle, APM can speed error identification, streamline bug fixes and help identify scalability constraints. Decreasing your application error rates and simplifying your operating environment have an immediate and direct impact on product management and development, opening the door to an enhanced application experience.

Reduce Cost

Not only can APMs reduce downtime, but they can reduce the resources required to identify software problems and fix them. APM tooling is more cost-effective way to manage and maintain your applications.

Provide Valuable Data and Feedback

The whole idea of an application monitoring solution is to provide insightful data that allows developers to get the most out of their tech stack. APM data can provide valuable insights into performance, operations, and even the business itself. Data has become an invaluable part of any business today, and an APM can help put that data in perspective so it can be utilized properly.

Why APM should be at the Center of Your Software Development Lifecycle

Software developers rely on having a steady stream of clients and ensuring customer satisfaction. A big part of customer satisfaction is meeting and exceeding expectations. If a user experience on an application is poor, then it is unlikely to meet the basic expectations of prospective customers.

With APM integrated into your tech stack, customer satisfaction is ensured, operational costs are kept at a minimum, loss of revenue is minimized, and software issues can be addressed immediately. Overall, APMs streamline the development process and help optimize user experience after launch.

Immersive APM

Immersive APM is a unique set of APM tools. The platform combines the power of virtual and augmented reality with the functionality of an APM. As such, Immersive APM is the first APM for the metaverse. Immersive Fusion allows users to visualize and interact with their application in real-time.

Immersive APM allows users to Enter the World of Your Application and visualize every aspect of application operation. In the world of modern application design and development, Immersive APM provides a much more intuitive and streamlined approach to debugging and performance tuning than simply sorting through logs and searching for issues. Immersive APM allow you to visualize parallel processes, interact with discrete transactions, intercept and inspect application messages and monitor all application functions.

As augmented and virtual reality step forward to deliver new experiences and produce new business value, we welcome you to Immersive APM and the transformative value that can be injected into your software development lifecycle.

Dan Kowalski

Father, technology aficionado, gamer, grid master

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