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Immersive Fusion announces launch of Immersive APM

Immersive Fusion announces launch of Immersive APM

Dan Kowalski - 2021-10-21

Immersive Fusion LLC announced the initial release of their Immersive APM product today, a new, virtual reality (VR) enabled, application performance monitoring solution. Immersive APM provides software architects, developers, quality control and operations managers a differentiated and immersive application monitoring environment that allows each user to experience the parallel processes and message driven architecture underlying microservices based applications.

Immersive APM provides an interactive application monitoring experience where the user can physically walk through their application and inspect application activity.
In the 3D world of Immersive APM, users can pause and inspect their application at any juncture. Users can visualize related application activities, inspect individual transactions and entire process stacks, filter and refine application views to support application debugging or performance tuning. Immersive APM also provides more traditional views of an application, with a full compliment of application logs, tracing, measures and metrics displayed via dashboards and charts.

To support rapid application integration and operation, Immersive APM provides code samples to enable your .NET core or .NET framework application. Immersive APM is designed to adhere to the Open Telemetry specification and automatically enables comprehensive application log and trace capture. In addition, Immersive APM users may extend their APM environment to include custom application monitoring capabilities.

As an early adopter of the Immersive APM toolset, Delinea (formerly ThycoticCentrify) has experienced a transformation in their software development and management process. Steve Harris, Sr. Director of Engineering at ThycoticCentrify stated, ‘With Immersive APM, our architects can actually experience their software design and quickly correct errors and identify potential application bottlenecks. The 3D VR experience provided by Immersive APM is truly unique, providing a new level of insight, increasing developer and DevOps performance’.

Update: Delinea, Thycotic, ThycoticCentrify are now Delinea.

Dan Kowalski

Father, technology aficionado, gamer, grid master

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